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Constructive Rest

Doing Lie downs invites pause and stillness into our busy lives. It gives us the space to find space and ease physically and mentally, 

The semi-supine position is a position of mechanical advantage that invites space in many places that we often tend to contract, stiffen, and hold! It is a practical way to begin allowing the body to naturally find more poise. 

It is an awakening experience!

Steps to Constructive Rest

     1) Find a Firm Surface to Lie On. Ideally this is done on the ground, but you may long on a rug,, yoga mat,

         blanket, etc. 

     2) Find a Stack of Books. Ideally finding thin books that can the height can be easily changed is ideal. The

          book height should be around 1 inch in height. It is better to have slightly too many books versus too little.

     3) Lay in the Semi-Supine Position. Your head will rest and be supported by the books.  Knees will be

          pointed towards the ceiling with feet flat on the ground. There are many variations for the hands and

          arms, but to begin, place your hands on your stomach (not crossing the mid-line), and allow the elbows to

          rest on the ground. (Refer to the picture for a reference).

      4) Allow and Awaken. Once you have found yourself in the semi-supine position, allow your eyes to stay

           open and be alive, taking in all the visual information. Allow gravity to take its effect lengthening and 

           widening the body. Be present, ideally laying down for 15-20 minutes. 





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