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Alexander Technique

     The Alexander Technique is a gentle and effective way to return to natural movement. For over 100 years, this Educational Method has been effective in improving mobility, performance, posture, and alertness while decreasing stiffness, tension, and pain. The Technique gives you the space to release chronic habits that cause you to shorten and hold excessive tension, and rather allowing yourself to lengthen and move with ease.

"Just as the manner in which we use a musical instrument, tool, or car affects the way it works, so does the way we use our selves affect our functioning." - Helene Weisbach



An opportunity to free yourself from what you know about yourself,
and an invitation to discover your most authentic self

Private Lessons

     Lessons are tailored to your needs and what interests you! Lessons can range between 30-minutes to 55-minutes in length. Through the course of a lesson we invite ease into the body and learn basic principles applicable to everyday living! 

     The teacher uses hands-on guidance to encourage calm and expansion. We explore simple movements such as standing, sitting, lying down, squatting, reaching, etc. 

     The lesson offers the student a chance to explore any particular activities that may be causing specific problems such as typing on a computer, playing a flute, gardening in the yard, running, and anything imaginable!




     I came to the work for my own pain. I had an immense amount pain in the front of my neck and jaw, as well as nerve pain in my arms. As a musician, we all know this can be the end of a career. I saw it as an opportunity to learn, a way that I could contribute to the world. My family has an extensive history with chronic pain, and I knew that was not how I wanted to live my life. 

      The technique has given me the permission to pause, the permission to be present, and to be playful. The technique has helped me develop the tools to manage and drastically reduce the pain I was experiencing. In the technique, is the deepest and truest wonders of the self. The things you have longed to discover and communicate with. It is a chance to become friends with your self, your body, your mind, and your spirit. 

Those Suffering From ...

  • Chronic Pain Conditions

    • Back, Neck, Joints, Nerves, etc​

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Tension, Stress, Anxiety

    • Performance Anxiety​

  • Issues with the Spine 

    • Sclerosis, Herniated Disk, ​     Osteoporosis, etc.

  • Rehabilitation Needs

    • Post-Operation, Trauma,   Post-Partum, etc. ​

  • Movement Disorders

    • Parkinsons

Physically Demanding and 

Mentally Straining Jobs...

  • Performers

    • Actors, Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Dancers​

  • Medical Field

    • Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, etc​

  • Healing Modalities

    • Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapsits, Psychotherapists​

  • Pilots, Truck Drivers

  • Construction Workers

  • Hair Stylists

  • Teachers

  • Athletes


Who Is It For?

Those interested in developing an authentic relationship with your body. Those wanting more ease in movement. Those looking to improve balance, coordination, and awareness. Those with performance anxiety, trouble breathing, and voice issues. Those interested in getting to the root cause of their pain. Those wanting to elevate their level of performance. Those wanting to be more present in this rushed, demanding, and over-working culture. Those who want permission to take more time and to enjoy the moment.


Mary Lynn Miklos, Flutist

My body has never felt so free of tension as it was after leaving my session with Tommy Swanson. Being a musician and recovering from a neck injury from a recent car accident, Tommy took care of my body and my pain with care and personal attention. I would recommend an Alexander Technique session with Tommy to anyone who is experiencing tension, pain or anyone whose body needs reset from daily work

Sadie Queally-Sammut, Band Director

Tommy worked with me to create three distinct workshops for my bands and choirs focusing on breath and body awareness. He understands the awkwardness high school students can have around their bodies, and used inclusive, affirming language throughout the workshops, creating a safe, nurturing space for all. Even though we were on Zoom, he connected with each class personally, and made individual observations to help each student maximize the benefit of the workshop. Tommy cares deeply about helping people feel their best while making music, and makes his work accessible and enjoyable to all ages. We are so fortunate to continue to work with him!

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