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     Music is a means of liberation and freedom. In my lessons, I strive for the balance of technique and artistry. These 2 aspects are meant to thrive in harmony with one another. I ensure that every student has the opportunity to explore their unique voice. 

     As a student for many years, and still learning to this day, the greatest thing I was ever taught was to be with the process unfolding. Music is always unfolding and evolving.

Tommy Flute Happy_edited_edited.jpg
Tommy Flute Happy_edited.jpg

Flute & Piano Lessons

Tommy has taught students of all ages and helps each and every person to discover their most artistic selves. 

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If interested in lesson packages, please contact

me by email. 

Photo Taken by Peter Mueller


Tommy has performed as a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician in numerous festivals and countries such as Canada, Guatemala, Spain, and France

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Photo Taken by Peter Mueller



Luisa Urdaneta

My flute skills have improved tremendously! His depth of knowledge about music and the instrument is magnificent. Aside from his outstanding musical abilities, he has a wonderful positive attitude, which makes having lessons from him enjoyable and educational. He is a very talented and confident teacher, and is dedicated to his art!

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